5 Stars to This website makes grocery shopping a breeze. Just select a meal, put in how many servings and MyDinnerCalender will build your grocery list. It really makes it easy when my wife asks me to stop by the grocery and pick up dinner. No more guessing! It evens recommends a beer or wine that compliments your meal. How easy is that!

Tim Barkley

This site is great for a working mother of two small children! It allows me to stick to my budget and still create quick, healthy meals for my family. The healthy living menu is also a great asset for my husband who likes to stay in shape and eat high protein diets. It is so easy to print off my grocery list and not have to think about anything. All I have to do is go shopping – mydinnercalendar takes all of the hard work away!

Lisa Whistler

This website is great for a busy mother and entrepreneur! Our dinner is the one meal where we get to celebrate our day together as a family and I like for it to be a good dinner, not leftovers or sandwiches! My time is limited and this menu helps me add shortcuts to my week, without feeling like I am skimping on my family! The recipes are easy to follow, healthy, and inclusive of my favorite part– the drinks!

Mr. John Anderson